We have been busy in the last few weeks. Machines are all over the country in the following locations...

Glasgow HMV Argyle st has Rolling Stones and Star Trek

Megabytes in glasgow has lots of pinball including the rare Wheel of Fortune machine.

Games Centre in Hamilton has a multitude with tons of classic arcade games on it, including marvel v street fighter.

Brewdog in Dundee has a WWF Wrestlefest arcade game and the Elvis pinball machine (that's a cool line up).

Love Music in Glasgow has the new KISS pinball machine

Brewdog in Edinburgh has the Metallica pinball machine.

City Cafe in Edinburgh has the Simpsons pinball party pinball machine. A real challenge.

And finally Brewdog Stirling has Mick dancing around with the Rolling Stones pinball machine.

Phew, no wonder I am so tired. Enjoy, folks.