Its always hard to make your business stand out in a crowded market place. The retail environment is more challenging and competitive than ever. 

Give your business a distinctive edge and add a valuable extra stream of income.

We can supply stylish, fun pinball tables and retro arcade machines with no costs or long term obligations to you. 

We split the takings from each machine 70 / 30 with you. We take care of all the service and maintenance, all you have to do is have somewhere to put it.

We also offer very reasonable lease rates if a profit split is not your thing. You can keep all the money that goes into the coin box or have the machines set on 'Free Play' for you and your patrons to enjoy.

Technical details

Each pinball machine measures 140cm x 75cm and requires 1 plug socket. They draw 4amps on start up and 3amps during play.

These are skill only games and are for amusement only. No money can be won from these machines.