Marvel Pinball is GO

March 30, 2019
We have got the beautiful Gardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool pinball machines from Stern Pinball. They both look and sound amazing, and thanks to the new LCD screens in the back box, its easier than ever to enjoy some steel ball glory. 


More new machines

May 14, 2018
Time for the 6 monthly update.
We have just got a load of new machines in. Here is the exciting list...

Fire! pinball machine
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition arcade machine
Crusin Exotica twin arcade machine
Off road Challenge arcade machine
Time Crisis 2 arcade machine
King of Route 66 arcade machine
World Poker Tour pinball machine
24 pinball machine
Crazy Taxi: High Roller arcade machine
Target Terror arcade shooter

Wow, lots.

Here is the classic flyer for King of Route 66 for you to enjoy.

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Machines galore

August 12, 2017
Goodness, it has been a long time since I updated the site. And the reason for that is that we have been getting tons of new machines in! How exciting. Below is just a list of a few of them...

Sega Rally 2

Target Terror Deluxe

PGA Golf Team Challenge

Need for Speed Underground

Maximum Tune 3 (we have 8 of these!)
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Machines change all over Scotland

January 24, 2017
We have been busy in the last few weeks. Machines are all over the country in the following locations...

Glasgow HMV Argyle st has Rolling Stones and Star Trek

Megabytes in glasgow has lots of pinball including the rare Wheel of Fortune machine.

Games Centre in Hamilton has a multitude with tons of classic arcade games on it, including marvel v street fighter.

Brewdog in Dundee has a WWF Wrestlefest arcade game and the Elvis pinball machine (that's a cool line up).

Love Music in Glasgow has the ne...
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Fortcon 2016

October 21, 2016
Paisley Pinball are just getting ready to head up to Fort William for Fortcon. We are installing an arcade area with pinball machines, shooter arcades and driving games. 
We even have an Aliens arcade game and Gorman from the movie will be there. Perfect.

What more excuse do you need to come to a beautiful part of the world and play games?
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Crazy Taxi

October 17, 2016
We just got a Crazy Taxi arcade machine. It is ace, that much is obvious, but where should it go? Let me know of any venues you think it would fit.

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Games Centre Clydebank has an arcade!

October 17, 2016
Games Centre in the Clydebank shopping centre has a new arcade section inside its store.

4 machines line the wall.
Transformers pinball
Roller Coaster Tycoon pinball
Chase H.Q. 2 sit down driving machine
Mortal Kombat arcade

Brilliant games every one.

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Civil War

May 11, 2016
Choose your side in the Marvel Civil War (as long as it is Iron Man). HMV Argyle St in Glasgow have the amazing Iron Man pinball machine there for you to play. Its HARD.

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AC/DC play Dundee bar!

May 11, 2016
AC/DC premium pinball machine (one of the best games ever made) is now at home in Brewdog Dundee. It has all the mazing features you would expect from a premium game and you can enjoy many. many beverages while you are there.

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March Madness Megabytes Tournament

March 25, 2016
Thanks to all the players who played in the Megabytes tournament last night. It was a close run thing with only 1 point separating the winners. the top three are as follows...

3rd David - 20 points
3rd Mark - 20 points

2nd Colin - 29 points

1st Chris - 30 points

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